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Community Payback helps prevent flooding

Surface water flooding in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, was alleviated in a simple, community-based project to remove leaf litter from drains.

Large property business designs a climate change adaptation framework

Lead Lease have developed a five-stage Climate Change Adaptation Framework to make sure that climate change risks are considered across their development process.

Housing association produces a risk register and adaptation plan to protect its stock

Gentoo used the UKCIP Adaptation Wizard to complete a high level climate risk assessment and adaptation options scoping exercise as the first step towards protecting their strategic and operational objectives.

Creating sustainable drainage in a new housing scheme

Sustainable drainage features were included in the design and construction of a small scale development of affordable housing in Cambridgeshire.

Future climate impacts for cider makers

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) carried out a study on the implications of unavoidable climate change for the UK cider industry. The report was produced on a low budget, by the industry for the industry.

Assessing a local authority’s vulnerabilities to climate change

Milton Keynes Council used key findings from UKCP09 to find projected changes to climate trends for the south east of England.

Flood resilience in a regeneration area provides a wetland nature park

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council worked with partners to provide greater flood protection, biodiversity and capacity for future climate change within the town.

Designing a climate-resilient school

Redevelopment of Redhill school in Worcestershire included a climate change impact assessment.

Managing and accepting coastal changes on farmland

A family farm and B&B business in a low lying coastal area is investigating breaching a sea wall to create new habitats and landscape, and enhancing the existing tourist business.

Adaptation planning for property services in a local authority

Oxfordshire County Council considered the risks to property stock from current weather, particularly summertime overheating.