About us

Much has changed since UKCIP was established in 1997. Our understanding of climate science and possible climate impacts has advanced, as has our understanding of how society can adjust to these impacts.

Today, our work focuses on 3 main categories:

Our multi-disciplinary team includes expertise in climate adaptation and impacts, climate science, and vulnerability analysis, knowledge exchange, training and communication.

Formerly known as the UK Climate Impacts Programme, UKCIP is based at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, which enables us to partner world-leading academics working on critical climate change issues. We were one of the first institutions in the world dedicated to understanding how we can adapt to the impacts of climate change.

How we work

  • UKCIP works at the boundary between scientific research, policy making and adaptation practice. This enables us to bring together the organisations and people responsible for addressing the challenges climate change will bring.
  • UKCIP works through research, consultancy and partnership.
  • Located within the Environmental Change Institute, we are able to draw upon world-leading expertise from the University of Oxford.
  • We recognise that adaptation can mean difficult choices. It is essential that fairness and justice are considered when developing adaptation responses.
  • Stakeholders are fundamental to our work. Our work is inspired by stakeholder needs and informed by their experiences in adapting to climate change.
  • Learning which adaptation activities work well, under what circumstances, where and why informs our innovative work; we are learning at the same time as working with others.
  • We share what we learn through our work for specific clients, our reports, revisions to our tools and guidance, our website and enews. The vast majority of our work is ‘open source’ and can be used freely (but please acknowledge us!).