Decision-making for adaptation

Climate adaptation is about good decision-making in the face of an uncertain future.

UKCIP believes that adaptation should be underpinned by four critical factors:

  • View climate adaptation as an on-going process. Exploring risks and vulnerabilities, and assessing, implementing and refining options should be an on-going activity. The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard can help guide you through this process.
  • Make adaptation specific and relevant. Focus on a particular decision or question, and consider adaptation within existing decision-making strategies.
  • Engage stakeholders, understand perspectives. Understanding individual perspectives is a critical part of the decision-making process. Personal and organisational interests will influence decisions and how they are made.
  • Understand decision timescales. Some decisions leave a lasting legacy, e.g. expensive rail or road infrastructure. Understanding the lifespan of a decision will shape the information you need and the level of uncertainty you consider.

How UKCIP can help

UKCIP has helped a wide range of organisations and supported the development of robust public policies and business decisions. Our experience is reflected in our portfolio of tools to support decision-making in a changing climate.

The UKCIP Adaptation Wizard is a step-based resource that guides users through the adaptation process, reinforced by supporting tools at each of its 5 steps.

All of our resources have been developed through working with stakeholders, and tested and refined over time. Valued in the UK and overseas, the Wizard has inspired a group of similar resources including:

  • European Adaptation Support Tool
  • Klimalotse, Germany
  • Cegnar, Slovenia
  • Climate Adaptation Wizard, Australia.

Case studies demonstrate our work with government, local authorities, businesses and civil society organisations

UKCIP can provide assistance and support to organisations directly or via its online portfolio of tools.