Case study category: Heatwave

Future climate impacts for cider makers

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) carried out a study on the implications of unavoidable climate change for the UK cider industry. The report was produced on a low budget, by the industry for the industry.

Assessing a local authority’s vulnerabilities to climate change

Milton Keynes Council used key findings from UKCP09 to find projected changes to climate trends for the south east of England.

Designing a climate-resilient school

Redevelopment of Redhill school in Worcestershire included a climate change impact assessment.

Adaptation planning for property services in a local authority

Oxfordshire County Council considered the risks to property stock from current weather, particularly summertime overheating.

Planting trees to cool an urban environment

The urban heat island effect may be more acutely felt in deprived areas – a Manchester-based project focused on urban greening to reduce these effects.

Incorporating adaptation into technical guidance

CIBSE have taken steps to take climate change into consideration in their technical guidance in order to build the capacity of their members’ profession.

Integrating adaptation into regeneration projects

Integrating climate change adaptation into two regeneration projects – Barking Riverside & Barking Town Centre.