Case study category: Agriculture

Future climate impacts for cider makers

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) carried out a study on the implications of unavoidable climate change for the UK cider industry. The report was produced on a low budget, by the industry for the industry.

Managing and accepting coastal changes on farmland

A family farm and B&B business in a low lying coastal area is investigating breaching a sea wall to create new habitats and landscape, and enhancing the existing tourist business.

Low-cost measures increase resilience to flooding in a rural area

Following severe flooding in October 2008, Devon County Council invested in cost effective solutions to increase local resilience to future such events.

Helping an organic farm to understand the impacts of climate change

UKCIP carried out a climate change impacts audit of the farm to help them understand the potential threats and opportunities that climate change will bring to their business.

Research into local vulnerabilities in agriculture

Vale of Evesham worked with Cranfield University, funded by the Environment Agency, on a study to assess the impacts of climate change on outdoor horticultural production.