News category: Tools & resources

Gauging the impacts of climate change on historic monuments

A simple tool that lasts for a century…

Good visuals need deep thought

Researchers must know their work inside out to explain it to the uninitiated.

The complexities of designing a good graphic

Good graphics are an essential part of communicating online.

New reports highlight lessons from the public’s view of risk, & SME resilience to flooding

SMEs are rarely prepared for the effects of flooding, while the EA share lessons learned from public engagement.

Framework for measuring resilience

Report from the BRACED project sets out a framework for measuring resilience, along with interesting case studies.

The role of knowledge brokers in tackling climate change

A new resource to help improve communication between users and providers of climate information.

State of Green – climate services in Denmark

A new online resource to share climate-related services and information.

Pooling vulnerability assessments in the US

A new, searchable register of information to help others in vulnerability assessments.

NASA release climate projections for all

Free access to NASA datasets through global cloud-computing.

Urban vulnerability and adaptive capacity

A new mapping resource to show data on urban vulnerability to climate change.