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Community responses to flooding and climate change

Communities welcomed discussions on the winter floods of 2013–14, and issues associated with climate change.

Storm damage and restoration at National Trust coastal locations

Examples of damage at 10 coastal locations highlight the impact of last year’s winter storms.

UNEP launches Green Infrastructure Guide

A new report to help to reduce vulnerability to climate impacts.

Seafood sector grilled for adaptation views

MCCIP and Seafish workshops seek views on climate change impacts on the fishing industry.

New Climate Economy report offers hope for the future

There are opportunities for all economies to grow while reducing carbon emissions, a new report finds.

Steps to reduce flood risk in Northern Ireland

A new Planning Policy Statement to help reduce flood risk in Northern Ireland.

Climate Just user testing workshop

The workshop is for public service organisations to test the Climate Just decision-making tool.

Climate change hazards & power infrastructure – Sandy case study

The aftermath of superstorm Sandy is helping to prepare infrastructure for the future.

Updated climate change indicators for Europe

Updates include temperature, precipitation, sea level rise and storm surges.

Further evidence that warming is happening in the deep oceans

New research suggests that the Atlantic is warming 300 to 150 m below the surface.