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Protecting treasures at the Louvre

The Louvre is susceptible to flooding – but there are plans in place to save the contents.

Migration as adaptation – and the impacts on communities

Climate migrants face an uncertain welcome, while communities prefer to adapt and remain as long as possible.

UK flooding – issues and possible solutions

Our pick of the many articles on recent flooding in the UK.

Adaptation in seafood capture

A series of recommendations and case studies for the marine industry.

Letting in the sea – coastal defences in Northern Ireland

It may be time to let the sea inundate parts of the Northern Ireland coast, say the National Trust.

The Paris agreement at a glance

The highlights of the Paris agreement with interesting commentary from differing perspectives.

New reports highlight lessons from the public’s view of risk, & SME resilience to flooding

SMEs are rarely prepared for the effects of flooding, while the EA share lessons learned from public engagement.

Weather responsible for majority of insurance claims

MunichRe finds that the bulk of natural catastrophe claims are weather related.

2015 confirmed as the warmest, wettest December on record

December has been confirmed as the warmest on record for the UK along with record temperatures across the globe.

Visualisation tool shows sea level rise under 2 & 4 degrees of warming

Find out how warming temperatures would affect sea level rise across the world.