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Adaptation progress in England – latest update

Overheating and flood defence spending feature in the ASC’s annual update.

Monitoring & evaluating adaptation programmes – new review

In the second paper, international and donor agency programmes are evaluated.

Latest research on adaptation, urban spaces and services

The ARCC network Assembly brought together national and international policy-makers and researchers.

Adaptation indicators for Scotland

ClimateXchange are developing a set of adaptation indicators for Scotland to inform policy actions.

ARP – health and care system getting ready

Sustainable Development Unit NHS invites healthcare organisations to contribute to the Adaptation Reporting Power.

MPs call for extra funding for flood defences

EFRA committee concludes that maintenance of flood defences is as important as new measures.

Civil engineers call for greater resilience in UK infrastructure

ICE’s annual State of the Nation report highlights the risks to infrastructure that are not sufficiently considered.

Climate risks to Atlantic marine habitats

Kelp forests at risk from climate change and invasive species.

Bringing IPCC AR5 to life

Themed briefings, infographics and science-policy notes to help make the most of the latest IPCC report.

Northern Ireland flood maps published

Interactive flood maps to help householders and planners manage their flood risk.