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ARCC & CIBSE at Green Sky Thinking week

A green infrastructure design challenge and a improving wellbeing with sensory gardens .

Climate Local survey of adaptation in local authorities

Is a lack of funding hampering local authority adaptation planning?

Africa’s farmers need to adapt, and quickly

Food security in Africa could be compromised by extreme weather events.

Pan-European assessment of flood adaptation benefits

New report examines the effects of four different adaptation measures.

Learning from Australia’s millennium drought

Australia’s knowledge of extreme drought could help California cope.

New study: sea level rise may have been severely underestimated

Could all coastal cities disappear? New research considers the possibility.

Major flood protocol tested in Paris

Emergency services in Paris test their resilience to disaster.

US faces floods of climate refugees

With population increase and rising sea levels, the US could see a new wave of north-south migration.

Rising seas pull Fort Lauderdale toward a bust

Can the Venice of America survive another 2 feet of sea level rise?

Expect the unexpected – facts & impacts of natural disasters down under

A report and interactive risk graphic highlight the impacts of disasters in Australia and New Zealand.