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Visualisation for coastal flood management

New online tool shows great visualisations of UK coastal flooding – and invites contributions from viewers.

Adaptation for the chemical industry

Guidance for the chemical industry in developing an adaptation plan.

Fairtrade Africa helps tea growers to adapt

Tea farmers in Kenya are learning how to cope with climate change impacts.

Business case for adapting buildings

Design for Future Climate programme report looks at messages for the building industry, clients and policymakers.

Extreme weather moving to the mainstream?

Attribution of weather events to climate change is becoming more widely accepted.

UN calls for rethink of global financial system

New UNEP report suggests investment in adaptation is needed to protect from climate change risks.

Climate adaptation portals in Europe

A review of national adaptation portals across Europe looks at hoe the information is shared between nations.

Marine Management Organisation’s first adaptation report

The MMO is responsible for the sustainable development of the UK’s seas.

New fish on the block

A different fish on your plate as the climate warms the oceans.

Adaptation Scotland learning exchange

A programme of workshops to help organisations with adaptation planning.