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Flood toolkit for Northamptonshire

Excellent toolkit to help residents and businesses prepare and cope with flooding.

Climate change is biggest risk, says National Trust

Climate change is bringing new challenges to thew heritage sector.

Bank of England sets out research agenda

A discussion paper from the Bank of England identifies the importance of addressing climate change risks.

Experimental government – building a policy-testing ethos

The Alliance for Useful Evidence suggests we need to experiment to find the most effective policies.

A flurry of activity in the House of Commons before recess

MP’s views on flood defence spending and adaptation were aired before Parliament was dissolved for the general election.

Changes to polar ice highlight challenge of climate impacts

Changes in both polar regions indicate the severity of changes in the climate.

Calculating the cost of river floods

A new tool from the World Resources Institute helps to estimate the costs of river flooding.

Avoiding overheating in the built environment

New guidance for property owners and builders on avoiding overheating in buildings.

Global interdependency & climate impacts

weADAPT’s new resources examine the indirect impacts of climate change.

New adaptation guidance for coffee producers

Coffee & climate handbook for farm level adaptation.