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Climate tipping points can kick in below 2°C

Warming could trigger sudden shifts in the climate system before the suggested 2ºC limit.

ASC’s gloomy outlook for flood risk

The UK needs more investment to protect people and places from future flooding.

London Sustainable Drainage Action Plan draft open for comment

Add your thoughts via a survey or written comments.

Social landlords and risks from flooding and overheating

Sustainable Homes blog looks at data from a recent review of social housing performance.

New SPPS for Northern Ireland includes adaptation

NI’s new Strategy Planning Policy Statement includes adaptation as well as mitigation objectives.

Reducing climate risk for local authorities

A short guidance document that is part of a series of factsheets.

Marine report card on protected areas & climate change

Marine legislation rarely considers climate change – how can this be overcome?

New IPCC chief faces serious communication challenge

Challenges of highly technical language and limited resources hamper IPCC communications.

New assessment of climate risks for Scotland’s forests

Pests & diseases likely to cause problems for Scotland’s forests.

Adaptation Reporting power – health sector and insurers give their responses

Two new reports suggest that while some progress has been made in adaptation, there is still more to do.