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New adaptation guidance for coffee producers

Coffee & climate handbook for farm level adaptation.

How likely is private investment in flood defence?

Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee asks how the £600 million private investment target can be met.

A way forward on use of SuDS?

The ASC outlines three proposals to improve the use and uptake of SuDS.

ASC recommends improvements to Flood Re scheme

Five recommendations from the ASC on improvements to the government’s flood insurance scheme.

Demystifying green infrastructure

A summary and full report on where and how to use green infrastructure.

State of the European Environment 2015

Excellent report with a plethora of useful information and data.

Assessing flood risk in the East Midlands

A new flood risk assessment for the East Midlands contains recommendations for government, council and business.

Generating resilience in local communities

Two short videos feature communities adapting to climate change and severe weather.

Ancient landscapes point to dramatic climate change

Climate change may have contributed to the birth of Chinese civilisation.

Climate Just online resource

An online tool to help identify those most vulnerable to climate change.