Business functions

The six broad business areas can be applied to any type of business or sector – you may wish to include additional areas for your particular organisation. The table includes a list of common climate impacts.

Business area Common climate impacts
  • Increasing or decreasing demand for some products and services
  • New properties required of existing products and services
  • Emerging markets for new products and services
  • Changing customer behaviour
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Unable to satisfy increased demand or segments of the market
  • Competitors position enhanced or reduced by climate change
  • Advantages for early movers in response to changed markets and lifestyles
  • Impacts on climate sensitive processes or equipment
  • Impacts on climate sensitive activities
  • Exceedence of limits set out in policies, procedures or contracts
  • Disruption of supply chain due to transport disruption
  • Disruption of supply chain due to impact on suppliers
  • Disruption of supply chain due to raw material price or availability
  • Disruption to utilities supply
  • Changing packaging or distribution process requirements
  • Impacts on thermal comfort of employees
  • Impacts on thermal comfort of customers, suppliers or others
  • Impacts of inclement weather on outdoor staff
  • Recruitment related issues
  • Business implications of climate driven social trends
  • Damage or degradation of building fabric
  • Impacts on the internal environment
  • Impacts on the outdoor environment
  • Insurance related issues
  • Investment related issues
  • Potential new liabilities