Communicating your findings

There are many ways to communicate your findings, from written reports, meetings and public events to online fora and social media. Climate adaptation is a relatively new area of study, so it is important that learning is communicated as widely as possible.

Questions to consider:

  • Define your purpose for communicating and the probable audiences.
  • When to communicate – not just at the end of the evaluation, think how emerging lessons can be shared and tested with stakeholders throughout the process.
  • Communication should be two-way – have you set up mechanisms to gather feedback?
  • Consider your audience’s preferred media, the time they have available, their level of engagement, the amount they would be prepared to read, the type of language they use (technical, non-technical).
  • Consider how can your evaluation contribute to:
    (a) wider understanding of climate adaptation and
    (b) wider understanding of how to evaluate climate adaptation
  • Are there Communities of Practice to share your findings?