Regional impacts studies

Although the regional impact studies were written over a decade ago, but their content is still relevant.

Adapting to climate change: a checklist for development

September 2005

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, launched guidance aimed at developers at the Thames Gateway Forum November 2005 on behalf of the London Climate Change Partnership, South East Climate Change Partnership and East of England Sustainable Development Roundtable. The checklist for development argues the principle that developments should be designed to be adapting to the changing climate throughout their lifetime, and covers water re-use and efficiency, reducing flood risk, avoiding overheating and minimising damage from subsidence and heave.

And the weather today is… (North East)

April 2004

Summary report on the impacts of climate change on the North East of England, including future climate scenarios.

Changing by degrees – The impacts of climate change in the North West of England

December 1998

A study to investigate the impacts of climate change on North West England – technical report.

Climate change and London’s transport systems

September 2005

The London Climate Change Partnership has published a new report Climate change and London’s transport systems. The report describes some of the challenges faced by London’s transport systems that will be exacerbated by climate change, explains what is already being done to address them, and what still remains to be done.

Implications of climate change for Northern Ireland: informing strategy development

June 2002

The study investigated the implications of climate change for Northern Ireland, to provide a knowledge base from which to inform future strategy.

Isle of Man scoping study


The study has helped the Isle of Man Government, representative organisations and individual businesses to identify their priorities for managing climate risks, and provides a framework for further investigations and future decision-making.

Living with climate change in the East of England

February 2003

The aim of the report is to provide hard evidence for decision-makers on the expected regional effects of climate change and to identify policies and strategies to deal with the impacts.

London’s Warming – the impacts of climate change on London

November 2002

A report on the threats and opportunities for London arising from climate change and how these can be addressed.

Potential adaptation strategies for climate change in Scotland


The report was commissioned to examine potential Scottish opportunities to moderate the adverse impacts of the changing climate and to realise concomitant opportunities.

Potential impacts of climate change in the East Midlands

August 2000

Report on how climate change could affect the East Midlands. Includes future climate scenarios and potential impacts.

Potential impacts of climate change in the West Midlands

December 2003

This study looks at some of the potential impacts of climate change on the West Midlands. It focuses on the potential range of impacts and the possible threats and opportunities these may pose for individuals and organisations, in order to inform an approach to adaptation.

Preparing for a changing climate in Northern Ireland

January 2007

The climate of Northern Ireland is already changing. Air temperature and the number of hot days is increasing; the proportion of rainfall falling in summer is decreasing, while winters are slightly wetter. This report undertakes a risk assessment of climate impacts across 14 sectors, focusing on the impacts on, and the need for adaptation by, the public sector in Northern Ireland.

Rising to the challenge: the impacts of climate change in the South East

November 1999

Technical report on the impacts of climate change in South East England in the 21st century, covering coastal management, water supply, emergency planning, agriculture and ecology.

Scotland climate change scoping study


This report aims to provide integrated, cross-sectoral information on which to base future strategy for climate impacts research and adaptation in Scotland.

Wales: Changing climate, challenging choices: the impacts of climate change in Wales from 2000 to 2080

May 2000

Assessing the impact of climate change in Wales in the 21st century.

Warming to the idea (South West)

January 2003

This report on the South West identifies opportunities and threats from potential impacts of climate change across a range of sectors. It focusses on the region’s natural environment, society and infrastructure, and the economy.

Warming up the region (Yorkshire & Humber)

May 2002

This report identifies the potential impacts of climate change for Yorkshire and the Humber – technical report.

Weathering the storm (Yorkshire & Humber)


The study assesses future climate change in the Yorkshire & Humber region to 2050, and is an update on the 2002 report.

Your home in a changing climate

February 2008

This report looks at the impacts of climate change on existing housing stock in the Three Regions (South East, East of England and London), and suggests adaptation options.