Climate services science

3–4 November 2011

Purpose: To bring together a community of users and researchers interested in contributing to the provision of climate services to inform decision making.

Participants: Users of climate information, researchers and related social science.


  • Develop a common understanding of climate services science.
  • Develop a common view of the landscape of climate services science that is needed. Who are the players? What are key nodes?
  • Develop an understanding of the structures and mechanisms needed to support and build a landscape of ‘climate services science’.
  • Identify knowledge gaps, users needs and research required.
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary research community along with an engaged user community.

Expected Outcomes of workshop:

  • A clear understanding of what is and is not included within climate services science.
  • A clear understanding of the components of the climate services science landscape, and the activities/ contributions of each component.
  • Identification of where there are gaps in the knowledge/evidence base.
  • An insight into user requirements for climate services and what is driving the demand.
  • An understanding of ongoing and planned research supporting development of climate services science.
  • Agreement on potential structures and mechanisms needed to support and build momentum within climate sciences science.
  • A more cohesive ‘climate services science’ research community.
  • Research councils understand the what is needed to underpin UK research and user communities.
  • Better understanding of the need for coordination of relevant European/international research.


Scoping Climate Service science

Mapping Climate services science

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Identifying the need for climate services

Researchers Ambitions: Climate Services Science, 4 November session

  • What do you think the key/important research areas should be to meet users needs?
  • If funds were unlimited, how would you respond/address the identified users needs?
  • What information do you need from users/need to ask users?
  • From a research perspective, what would a successful climate services and climate services science programme look like?

What action is required?

Report from the workshop: