Young researchers adaptation showcase

As part of the UKCIP 20th Anniversary celebrations in November, we featured the results of adaptation research being undertaken by young researchers here at Oxford University and from Griffith University in Australia.

The researchers addressed a number of critical challenges:

  • Health action for climate and disaster risk
  • Organising policy on the ground
  • Adaptation in vulnerable communities
  • The role of adaptation heuristics
  • An integrated assessment of malaria risk. 

Looking across the research and at those presenting shows that the future of adaptation research is in safe hands.

Prioritising health action for climate and disaster risk from the Philippines

Nicola Banwell


Organising policy on the ground: analysis of Ghana’s agriculture climate adaptation

Abrar Chaudhury


Researching adaptation in vulnerable communities – the case of West African cocoa smallholders

Victoria Maguire-Rajpaul


Climate adaptation science and decision-making: the role of adaptation heuristics

Johanna Nalau


Integrated assessment of malaria risk to develop adaptation strategies

Esther Onyango

Esther Onyango's presentation on Prezi
See Esther’s presentation