New ways of looking at UK weather

The Met Office has a new facility on its website that takes its rich record of observed weather data and uses it to provide UK-wide maps of climate anomalies.  Taking the 1961-90 average as its baseline, users are able to see how temperature (max, min and mean) and rainfall in the past compare to a given year.  Maps are available for monthly, seasonal and annual averages. They are intended to answer questions such as “when was it last as hot as this summer?”.

Adaptation Scotland also has a new interactive feature on its website. Users can create graphs to investigate climate trends by selecting any combination of climate variable (seven), region (three and all of Scotland), and choice of month, season or annual averages.  These are displayed as a graph, with a trend line to indicate the moving average. Graphs can be downloaded as images and the underlying data can be downloaded from the Met Office.