New JRF reports on care, public health & the cost of living & climate change

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s latest reports focus on public health, care provision and the cost of living in a changing climate.

The elderly and infirm are particularly susceptible to the impacts of heatwaves – there is evidence that overheating in care home settings is already happening, and will increase as the climate changes. JRF’s new report also finds that there is a lack of effective management of heating controls, leading to too-warm rooms in the winter.

The second report reviews local strategies for public health, finding that more leadership is needed from health and wellbeing boards to enable these strategies to be put into action. The report also recommends a focus on early action, and sharing of good practice.

In another new study, researchers found that the impacts of climate change on the cost of living are likely to be relatively modest in the UK up to the middle of the century. However, low-income households will face proportionately greater impacts, particularly from higher food prices and potentially large individual impacts from uninsured flood losses