Hurricane Sandy rebuilding strategy

The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy looks to strengthen families, small businesses, and communities, improve their economic competitiveness, enable them to weather future storms better, and provide a model for other cities.

Among 69 policy recommendations, many already adopted, the biggest impact on Federal funding is the prioritisation of large-scale infrastructure projects, and mapping out the interdependencies between them, along with guidelines to ensure all such projects are built to weather climate change impacts. The strategy also looks at hardening energy infrastructure to reduce power cuts and fuel shortages, and keep mobile phone service, during future storms.

The Strategy aims to line up federal funds with local rebuilding visions, reduce red tape to get assistance out effectively and with accountability, coordinate state, federal, and local efforts but keep a regional approach to rebuilding, and to make sure that the region rebuilds in a more resilient way, in preparation for future storms and other climate change risks.