Economic companion to the Climate Change Risk Assessment now online

The reports for both phases of the Economics of Climate Resilience (ECR) project, which is complementary to the Government’s Climate Change Risk assessment, are now available online. Using an economic framework, the project assesses current and likely (future) adaptation actions by individuals and organisations. It outlines key barriers and enabling factors to the implementation of adaptation actions, and examines whether additional action by government, organisations or individuals is needed.

Phase One builds on work done in January 2012 on climate threats and opportunities; each of the nine reports focuses on a different topic, including climate change adaptation in agriculture, forestry, transport, power supply, housing, business continuity, health, fisheries and natural flood defences. Phase Two, a smaller component, will cover a framework for assessing costs and benefits of adaptation actions, in two reports (not yet published). This series of reports will inform the National Adaptation Programme.