Conference on climate adaptation in small states

10 June 2013, Swansea

UKCIP Deputy-director Patrick Pringle was a keynote speaker at Sazani Associate’s Conference on climate adaptation in small states. The event brought together a diverse range of stakeholders, including participants in Sazani’s CASA Initiative in Zanzibar which provides support for rural communities promoting climate adaptation activities. The conference combined talks and active learning sessions, and brought together community and policy-making perspectives with input from climate researchers.

The event was organised by Sazani Associates in collaboration with the Climate Change Consortium for Wales and Swansea University.

Patrick’s speech focused on moving from adaptation awareness to adaptation action. Of the range of adaptation issues discussed, the most interesting findings from our perspective were:

  • the importance of community ownership in prioritising and implementing adaptation actions, reinforcing our own experiences.
  • the need to tackle independencies between sectors in Zanzibar if long-lasting climate adaptation actions are to be achieved.
  • some surprising similarities exist between governance structures for Wales and Zanzibar in addressing climate adaptation issues.