Adaptation M&E: guidance & webinar recording

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) has a critical role in informing and improving adaptation policies and activities. However, the inherent uncertainties of how the climate will change mean it is difficult to define, measure, and assess the achievements of an adaptation programme.

Working with SEA Change CoP, we have produced three short reports to guide you through M&E:

  • Guidance note 1 identifies twelve challenges that make adaptation M&E difficult, and highlights strategies to address each. (pdf, 370 KB)
  • Guidance note 2 discusses how to identify appropriate indicators, and suggests ways to use indicators thoughtfully and well. (pdf, 440 KB)
  • Guidance note 3 examines the Theory of Change approach and why it works well with climate change adaptation. (pdf, 1.9 MB)

Webinar recording on M&E guidance notes