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European perceptions of climate change

Interesting look at how perceptions differ across the continent.

Helping communities recover from flood – a local authority view

Excellent storyline approach to sharing flood recovery information.

Gauging the impacts of climate change on historic monuments

A simple tool that lasts for a century…

Rotterdam surge barrier protects the port from extreme events

Prepared for a 1-in-10,000 year event, but still evaluated regularly…

Time to dispense with flood return periods?

Terminology often causes confusion for a non-technical audience – time to rethink how describe flood frequency?

Voices of climate-displaced people are often unheard

Individual responses to disasters vary – are these taken into account?

Resilient cities vital in tackling climate change

A new EEA report looks at the challenges to cities posed by climate change.

What are California’s trees worth?

Environmental benefits of trees vastly outweighs the cost of maintenance.

Living without electricity

Lessons from the impacts of the 2015 winter storms are highlighted in a new report.

Climate migration, the law & the need for adaptation

“Climate refugees” is an unhelpful term – find out about more helpful terminology.