News category: Climate science

Extreme weather moving to the mainstream?

Attribution of weather events to climate change is becoming more widely accepted.

Ancient landscapes point to dramatic climate change

Climate change may have contributed to the birth of Chinese civilisation.

2014 warmest year on record globally

2014 confirmed as the warmest year on record – and without El Niño.

IPCC warns climate change action is urgent

Stopping use of fossil fuels before the end of the century will save civilisation, says IPCC report.

Further evidence that warming is happening in the deep oceans

New research suggests that the Atlantic is warming 300 to 150 m below the surface.

Bringing IPCC AR5 to life

Themed briefings, infographics and science-policy notes to help make the most of the latest IPCC report.

Increase in summer downpours predicted

New research from the Met Office and Newcastle University suggest a increased risk of summer flash floods.

Lloyd’s highlights the value of climate models

A new report from the insurer urges businesses to take climate change into account.

Uncertainty makes action more important

Researchers find that uncertainty is no reason for inaction.

Science-policy-practice working together – CIRCLE-2 policy briefing

CIRCLE-2’s briefing is based on conference outputs and a literature review.