News category: Climate science

Time to dispense with flood return periods?

Terminology often causes confusion for a non-technical audience – time to rethink how describe flood frequency?

Water supply management improved by better forecasting

Managing reservoirs and water supply is a complex business – new tools are helping to improve response times.

Climate change denial is all about politics

Researchers looked at earlier studies to discover the likely drivers of climate change denial.

2015 was the warmest year on record globally

El Niño contributes to the warmest year on record.

Climate tipping points can kick in below 2°C

Warming could trigger sudden shifts in the climate system before the suggested 2ºC limit.

Marine report card on protected areas & climate change

Marine legislation rarely considers climate change – how can this be overcome?

New IPCC chief faces serious communication challenge

Challenges of highly technical language and limited resources hamper IPCC communications.

Blind testing confirms no pause in warming

Further evidence that the so called ‘pause’ never really happened.

State of the climate 2014

NOAA’s latest annual report depicts a grim picture of the current climate.

NASA release climate projections for all

Free access to NASA datasets through global cloud-computing.