News category: Climate change impacts

US faces floods of climate refugees

With population increase and rising sea levels, the US could see a new wave of north-south migration.

Rising seas pull Fort Lauderdale toward a bust

Can the Venice of America survive another 2 feet of sea level rise?

Expect the unexpected – facts & impacts of natural disasters down under

A report and interactive risk graphic highlight the impacts of disasters in Australia and New Zealand.

The unseen risks of flooding – inundated landfill sites could lead to toxic leaks

Landfill site are at risk from flooding and coastal erosion, and spreading toxins.

Penguins struggle to adapt rearing patterns

Certain penguin species’ rigorous parenting methods could lead to fewer young.

Strengthening climate science to achieve Paris target

Six questions that need to be answered to make the 1.5 degree change feasible.

The summer after the floods report

ESRC report on the preparedness of communities for the 2013–14 floods and subsequent impacts.

CCC infographic of future flood risk

New infographic from the CC highlights the potential cost of flood damage.

Climate change – a risk assessment

A new report from Centre for Science and Policy suggests risk assessments should look at worst-case scenarios and often they are likely to happen.

Migration as adaptation – and the impacts on communities

Climate migrants face an uncertain welcome, while communities prefer to adapt and remain as long as possible.