News category: Climate change impacts

European perceptions of climate change

Interesting look at how perceptions differ across the continent.

Helping communities recover from flood – a local authority view

Excellent storyline approach to sharing flood recovery information.

Voices of climate-displaced people are often unheard

Individual responses to disasters vary – are these taken into account?

Living without electricity

Lessons from the impacts of the 2015 winter storms are highlighted in a new report.

New JRF reports on care, public health & the cost of living & climate change

New reports feature care provision, public health and the cost of living in a changing climate.

Non-communicable diseases also need urgent treatment post-disaster

Disaster plans largely focus on dealing with injury and infectious disease – but is that enough?

Extreme heat – hot cities & risks in the workplace

As periods of extreme heat become more frequent, new studies focus on heat stress for workers, and the impacts of heat in cities.

Natural catastrophes in 2015

Munich RE’s annual review examines the cost and impacts of natural hazards.

Learning from Australia’s millennium drought

Australia’s knowledge of extreme drought could help California cope.

New study: sea level rise may have been severely underestimated

Could all coastal cities disappear? New research considers the possibility.