News category: Adaptation

Community-based adaptation case studies from OPOE

Two new case studies from our colleagues at Our Place on Earth.

The adaptation future is bright…

Find out more on our contribution to Adaptation Futures conference in Rotterdam.

Power & politics in climate change adaptation

CCAF find that power in adaptation is often far from the people in need of help.

ARCC & CIBSE at Green Sky Thinking week

A green infrastructure design challenge and a improving wellbeing with sensory gardens .

Climate Local survey of adaptation in local authorities

Is a lack of funding hampering local authority adaptation planning?

Africa’s farmers need to adapt, and quickly

Food security in Africa could be compromised by extreme weather events.

Pan-European assessment of flood adaptation benefits

New report examines the effects of four different adaptation measures.

Major flood protocol tested in Paris

Emergency services in Paris test their resilience to disaster.

Resilience myth-busters

Top ten myths about resilience explained in an article that focuses on resilience as an action.

Spending on adaptation varies widely across global megacities

Global megacities spend a very small proportion of their income on adaptation.