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Press release: Knowledge exchange networks can support REF ‘impact’

Lord Stern recommends widening and deepening the notion of impact within the REF to recognise research that has influence on investment and decision-making.

Exchanging knowledge & ideas

What makes a successful knowledge exchange network?

Choices, choices, choices

Richard Black looks at what the CCRA means for the UK government.

What is a “field of dreams” levee?

Levees are frequently used as part of flood resilience programmes, but there can be unintended consequences.

2003 heatwave deaths attributed to climate change

The summer of 2003 heatwave has been attributed in part to climate change.

2015 was the warmest year on record – for now…

The latest State of the climate report highlights the many climate records broken in the past year.

Alleviating flood risk – catchment plan for Cumbria

A new Environment Agency catchment plan to help Cumbria’s flood risk.

Britain needs infrastructure before it’s too late…

Richard Dawson looks at the hidden impacts of flooding, particularly on UK infrastructure.

Transformative climate change planning for Canada

ACT in Canada’s latest white paper looks at combining adaptation with mitigation.

Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

CCRA 2017 highlights the challenges facing all aspects of UK society, from communities to major infrastructure.