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Preparing society for future weather impacts

Adaptation has slipped off the political agenda – but there is much to do, and here in the UK we have the expertise to make homes and businesses climate resilient.

Adaptation and a sense of place – are we making the most of local knowledge?

Nuin-Tara Key’s experiences working on adaptation at a community level showed how important local cultural and environmental knowledge can be.

Progress and gaps in adaptation M&E: reflections from an international conference

What progress have we made on adaptation M&E and which gaps remain? Timo Leiter from Adaptation reports from the November conference in Washington D.C.

Climate change – are we there yet?

Is humanity safe from the perils of climate change? Almost, says guest writer Rohan Hamden.

It’s all about interdependency…

The ASC report criticises some infrastructure sectors’ adaptation efforts – but it’s interdependencies that are vital.

Anytown – a place near you with a surprisingly fragile infrastructure

The ripple effect of infrastructure failure can go much further than you think, as a series of workshops have discovered.

Making vulnerable voices heard in flood protection decisions

Involving communities in flood protection design is essential, but do vulnerable and disadvantaged groups have their say?

Knowledge exchange will help build the case for adaptation

We need a stronger integration of adaptation solutions that includes our knowledge of how individuals and communities embrace new systems, technologies and social norms.

Any fool can know…

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand” – how much do we know and how much do we understand when it comes to climate change adaptation?

Transforming how we think about adaptation

Terms such as ‘transformative’, ‘transformational’, ‘transformability’ and ‘transition’ are becoming more frequently used in the context of adaptation. What do they mean, and how do they relate to incremental strategies?